The IGADI signed collaboration agreements with the International Association of Galician Studies, the Murguía Magazine and the United Youth of the Portuguese Language Countries

The collaboration agreements signed throughout the first quarter of 2023 aim to systematize the relationship with the IGADI and make visible the interests shared with the three entities. The formalization of the agreements seeks synergies and complementarities in the ordinary work of the organizations, as well as opportunities for concrete collaborations, reinforcing common interests around the international projection of Galicia.

The International Association of GalicianStudies (commonly known as AIEG due to its Galician acronym) emerged in the 1980s on the east coast of the United States. The association was promoted and its work was developed specifically in the academic and university field. The main work areas of the AIEG as an academic Galician global knowledge community are: literature, history, culture and the Galician language. The IGADI is a member of the AIEG since the beginning of the 21st century.

The Galician Institute of History is a scientific entity, which publishes Murguía, the Galician History Magazine, is a quarterly publication in Galician, focused on the History of Galicia and born in 2003. The IGADI and Murguía Magazine have exchanged advertisements since 2005.

The United Youth of the Portuguese Language was born in July 2020 with the aim of becoming a representation of the Portuguese-speaking youth. It is a movement created by young people, for young people and with the aim of uniting nations in projects that promote dialogue, debate and cultural exchange. An important note is that currently the youth of these countries represents the 16.4 % of the population that speaks Portuguese. They collaborated with the IGADI in the “Gala da Lusofonia: A República dos Sonhos” held in Tomiño on the 21st of January of 2023, and in the very recent online publication of the IGADI, “Especial Lusofonía: 15 anos do OGALUS”.

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