How do we improve Galician international position?

Santiago, 21 de xullo. Reunión da Xunta directiva do IGADI coa DX de Exteriores, UE e Cooperación da Xunta de Galicia.

It was a frank and sincere dialogue on the processing of the Galician Strategy of External Action 2023-2027, a document that the IGADI considers essential to improve the internationalization of the country and that few CCAA have developed. The director of IGADI, Daniel González Palau, reiterated the advantages that the EGAEX will have an Action Plan 2023-2027 as much political and social consensus as possible.

At the meeting, the director Jesús Gamallo showed the intention of the Academy to be able to count on the IGADI experts in the study of internationalization as it has been done.

On the part of the Xunta de Galicia attended Jesús Gamallo (Director General) Manuel Blanco (Assistant General Director of Planning for External Action) and Valentín Gómez-Iglesias (Head of Cabinet). On the part of the IGADI participated Daniel González Palau (Director) Marola Padín (Vice-Director) , Diego Sade (Secretary), and the members of the Managerial Board, Tino Santiago, Antonio Alejo and Patricia Coloret.