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New online talk on IGADI TV: “Resource leakage, myth or colonialist reality in Galicia?…” with Diego Sande, coordinator of the line of research in Economics

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On Tuesday, June 18 at 8:30 p.m., on the IGADI YouTube channel, we present the latest book by USC professor Diego Sande Veiga, “Resource leakage, myth or colonialist reality in Galicia? An analysis through European business innovation policies”. This essay was published in this 2024 by the University of Vigo and is distributed by Consorcio Editorial Galego.

The book presents a discussion about the existence or not of relations of economic colonialism in Galicia, for which the European policies for regional innovation are used as a guiding thread. A controversial subject which, since the entry of Galicia and Spain into the European Union, has been gaining progressive complexity and which makes it necessary to resume the debate.

You can order the book in traditional bookstores, or online at the following link (Unebook): https://www.unebook.es/es/libro/as-fugas-de-recursos-mito-ou-realidade-colonialista-en- galicia_322135

For distributors, the book is available at:
University of Vigo: https://secretaria.uvigo.gal/uv/web/publicaciones/public/show/417
Galician Editorial Consortium: https://consorcioeditorial.com/gl/articles/34927