ai song contest

IGADI collaborates with the AI Song Contest 2023, the Eurovisión world-wide of the artificial intelligence (4 of November in A Coruña)

A Coruña converts in the capital world-wide of the music written with artificial intelligence, taking advantage of the future AESIA headquarters (Spanish agency of artificial intelligence)

The fourth edition will start with a ceremony of inauguration the Friday 3 of November in the CSA of the City of the TIC, the same area that will receive the congress “AI & Creation Day” trhough the morning and afternoon of the Saturday 4, with a programme of talks and tables of debate academics around of the music generated with artificial intelligence and the rights of intellectual property.

The spectacular Big Final Eurovisión of the artificial intelligence will be in the Studio Follow ubicado in the Grela, Saturday afternoon-night, with a television programme in direct to celebrate the music cocreated between human beings and machines, where the Galician culture will be very present. The event will fisnish with a back party in the same studio. The entrances are for sale in the platform Ticket Hoy.

The organisation summoned the AI Song Contest in A Coruña as a recognition to the team PAMP!, subchampion the past year with “AI-Lalelo” and winning of the artistic residence of the contest in Sony CSL París, pole that will have the opportunity to go back represent it Galicia, classified directly to the final.

The IGADI sums to the activities of the AI Song Contest 2023 with the presentation in the Congress (Saturday 4, in the City of the TIC) around the Map of global city of the Coruña, giving its support an innovative initiative to project Galicia in the international context.

You have all the information in the web of the AI Song Contest and in the X (before twitter) of the organisation of the event.