Cartaz do seminario en liña da AIEG

IGADI participated in the webminar of the International Association of Galician Studies “Galician Studies abroad: Proposals and debate for a diagnosis”

The online seminar held last Friday 14 July, was directed to the community of the IEG and the general public, in order to present the diagnostic data around the state of the Galician Studies in the world, which the IEG initiated with an electronic survey launched in March 2023. In addition to the presentation of the data, the activity wanted to open a debate that helps to continue the diagnosis, still open and in process, and to be concluded, probably, by the time of the do International Congress of the IEG “Horizons of Galician Studies Estudos na de ofonide (17-20 April 2024, University of Minho). More than 30 people participated in the activity from twelve countries.

Carlos Pazos-Justo (professor at the University of Minho, where he coordinates the Center for Galician Studies. He chairs AIEG since September 2022), María Jesús Botana Vilar (professor at the University of the Algarve, where he directs the Center for Galician Studies. Vice-president of the AIEG since September 2022.), Attilio Castellucci (he is director of the Center for Galician Studies in Rome, which he himself founded, since 1999. He was part of the old board of the AIEG, in which he now holds a position on the scientific council) and Takashi Kakihara (Kwansei Gakuin University professor. He teaches Galician at Osaka University as a part-time professor. AIEG member since 2018.).

Daniel González Palau, as Director of the IGADI, presented the Seminar and drive the debate that closed the activity, underlining the relevance of the AIEG as the biggest Network of Galician Studies in the world, thus being the largest network of academic and cultural paradiplomacy in Galicia. He insisted on the need to influence Galician public administrations and political parties to incorporate the relevance of Galicia’s Foreign Action into the political agenda, in a year in which the Gallician government is preparing the new Galician Strategy for Foreign Action 2023-2027 and the launch of the Lusophony Observatory Paz Andrade, both tools linked to the development of Galician Foreign Action Law 21 of March 10, 2021. It is the first joint activity between the AIEG and the IGADI, since the signing of a collaboration agreement in March 2023.