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The IGADI´s Observatory of Diasporas is born: From Galicia to the world

The Observatorio Das Diásporas is a space created to link and give new meaning to the Galician identity abroad, through academic, social and strategic ties that dignify the importance of belonging to Galicia not only from history but from the international significance that diasporas have nowadays.

In accordance with the specific mandate of the International Organization for Migration (United Nations), it is essential to work with and for diasporas in view of the 2030 Goals. To do this, we must understand that the diaspora is a “Group of migrants or descendants of migrants whose identity and feeling of belonging, whether real or symbolic, derive from their experience and their migratory background. Diaspora members maintain ties to their country of origin and to each other, based on a shared history and identity or common experiences in the country of destination”1.

Currently, one (1) out of every six (6) Galicians lives abroad. This statement published by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations of Spain2 makes us aware of the magnitude of the Galician diaspora and its special characteristics, which are completely different from other Spanish regions.

All over the world, communities have an increasing degree of diversity, multiculturalism and interconnectedness, which is largely due to diasporas; maintaining ties to their countries of origin or heritage. That can have highly beneficial multiplier effects, not just for global business and trade; but in cultural exchange and diplomatic relations, encouraging governments to take their diasporas into account in national development policies and programs.

Through this Observatorio Das Diásporas and with this clear objective, special interest will be given to the visibility of current and future achievements of the Galician diaspora abroad, and of those who live in the territory of Galicia as part of the IDIASPORA Global Network. of the United Nations whose purpose is to interact with the global community and generate connections between those who want to bring positive change through resources and opportunities to create a better future.

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