The XXIV Plácido Castro Annual Conference will take place on Wednesday, January 25 in Oleiros (8:00 pm, Cultural Center of A Fábrica, Perillo)

The Foundation’s 2023 annual conference will be given by the historian Xavier R. Madriñán, professor of Geography and History and PhD in Political Science. He was editor-in-chief of the magazine Encrucillada (1989-1999) and director of the bibliographic magazine Guía dos Libros Novos (1998-2002).

The topic to be addressed will be “Ireland in Plácido Castro”, detailing the importance that Ireland had in the definition of Plácido Castro’s thinking, both in the political field and in other areas. Likewise, it will identify the features that make up Plácido Castro’s ideology in this aspect and that make him unique with respect to other Galicians. In the attention and debate developed by the Galicians in the first half of the 20th century, Castro, the only one of them all who actually set foot in Ireland, was a temperate and rigorous voice.

Within the framework of the IGADI, the Plácido Castro Foundation stands out for its connectivity to Ireland, in a systematic work since 2002, the year the Foundation was created. You can find all the information about the activity in this news

You can consult the history of the Plácido Castro Annual Conferences here, it will not leave you indifferent.