What is the IGADI?

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Que é o IGADI?
¿Qué es el IGADI?
Què és l'IGADI?
Zer da IGADI?
¿Qué ye l’igadi?
¤° ¤\ ¬O IGADI?

O que é o IGADI?
Qu'est-ce-que-c'est l'IGADI?
Was ist das IGADI?
Kio estas la IGADI?
Que é o Igadi?
What is the IGADI? The "Instituto Galego de Análise e Documentación Internacional" (Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation) is an independent body, whose main activities are:

  1. Management of the International Information and Contemporary Documentation Centre.
  2. Research focused on some international affairs.
  3. Development of projects contributing to more social awareness on the importance and significance of international relations.

Currently, its main areas of work are:

  • The changes in China and the Chinese world in general.
  • The transformations in the Central and Eastern European countries.
  • The transition in Russia and the former Soviet territory.
  • Cuba.
  • States, nations and minorities in Europe.
  • Galician action abroad.

The IGADI was created in 1991 and, since then, it has carried out a large number of activities.  It has always paid a special attention to the those involved in education and the University.  The series of publications "Pretextos Internacionais" (International Pretexts) deserves a special mention in this regard.

The IGADI also organises lectures, workshops, courses and other activities every year, in the framework of regular agreements (University of Vigo) or specific agreements with various institutions (Local Councils and the Autonomous government) and Non Governmental Organizations.

The IGADI belongs to the Executive Board of the “Fondo Galego de Cooperación e Solidariedade” (Galician Fund for Cooperation and Solidarity), an organization that brings together several bodies of the Galician Local Councils to develop awareness raising, cooperation and solidarity policies.

The IGADI publishes a quarterly bulletin, “Tempo Exterior”, dealing with conflict analysis and international current affairs.  Some of the members of the IGADI are regular contributors to the mass media.

The IGADI works closely and has exchange agreements with similar bodies, and it would like to widen these contacts on the basis of common interests and work.

The Director of the IGADI is Xulio Ríos.


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