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IGADI 22 de Outubro de 2013 Figueiras

Feudal governance

In 2012 the global system has entered in an open crisis, as deep as the one of 1929. This is the crisis of a new form of imperial capitalism. This new capitalism has the centre of the financial power in all corners of the world, and also at the peripheral countries like India, China or Brazil. We are talking about some kind of no head configuration of the international order, where speculation and disorder increase the probability of economic calamity.

The important element it is that a large number of private companies with global spectrum, seek for insuring in all places predation and accumulative profits, with disrespect to national or local rules. The instruments used for that sort of global predation are delocalization of productions and the lack of national identity at the head of transnational companies, it means, the wide variety of international stake holders running these companies, which make social politics impossible.

It is an old dream of the oligarchy to get rid of the rational control of the people, avoiding strategically information to be public about the stream of profits and the real tax level they endure.

The final equation is:
Delocalisation + denationalisation of stakeholders= global predation

Success of a business is not anymore linked to the destiny of a country but to the misery that allows decreasing salaries, or move to another country.

Between 2000 and 2010 the world is plummeting in a new model of exploitation through “titlelization” of financial products, leaving the economy on the hands of financial speculators. In conclusion of everything, the world is ruled by the G8, G20, and Davos, and the states only look for controlling people, through repression and social regulation, the strategic tasks still upcoming from their original sovereignty. The states as nation state, will not accomplish its protecting function properly any longer.

Financial crisis war source??

The strategy of Wealth accumulation without limits, travels in the convey belt of violence and the economy run through “electronic revolution”. This is a new era where internet allows new possibilities to explore.

1.- After the fall down of the Iron Curtain, multinational companies control world economy speculating with basic social needs.
2.- After the Iron curtain fall down, USA strategies points to military and police support on global perspective.

Financial speculation grows as it is conceived by Aristotle as “Chrematistic”, it means, the accumulation of money as an unnatural activity that dehumanizes those who practice it. During the chrematistic process “Insecure governance” replaces state protection.

By the way, three axis for the sake of insecure governance will take place to support the system through disinformation, anxiety and terror. All for achieving global financial control.

After the disappearance of the Berlin wall a new era begins with the end of the state protection. The State was warranty for internal order and external defence. This process began at the Westphalia treaty in 1648. Now global governance is global market governance, so globalization is not democracy as far as it works for destroying democratic order.

We are, at the end of the day, coming back to Feudal governance. After the fall of communism all troubles, concretely social troubles proves to be internal of capitalism. Russia and China cannot denounce capitalism as they participate the system, and the failure of communism reveal that crisis in Europe, Africa or Asia can be only of capitalism origin as no other system exist.

Berlin wall has fallen down but new walls will be constructed in Bagdad, or Kaboul, meanwhile Russia moves to mafia elites, being one of the zones of predation, coming therefore to medieval anarchy surrounded by with fiscal paradises, pirates, and so on.

The 11th of September 2001 was another keystone in our global history. This is the date in which is going to be denoted the US strategy for more than 10 years. The tools used for deploying the US strategy worldwide, will be continuous international intervention, police laws, clash of civilization approaches and constant state of alert, which links with the three axis of insecure governance: disinformation, anxiety and terror, all for achieving global financial control ones again.

In all this conglomerate Social science and media has a role to accomplish, a series of tasks to be reached. Nonetheless, overall social media has been important instrument of economic and political power replicating the official propaganda discourse.

Media was supposed to:

1.- Denounce financial swindle (fraud) coming from global financial power.
2.- Denounce ecological misdeed or wrongdoing.
3.- Denounce social policy destructions by privatization, deregulations and delocalization, unemployment increase, growing inequalities and so on.
4.- Instruct the people on civil spirit and with constructive criticism view.

The EU is on the middle of all this process, adopting an uncomfortable position on globalization. Sometimes appear to be an important element on the discourse creation of flexibility and reform overall in Southern Europe States. Sometimes appearing like some kind of echo of FMI and other global recommendatory bodies.

Besides this we can find an excessive demonization of the Islamic world and at the same time international powers try to create new governments in the Islamic world to controls their resources with the promise of bringing democracy. But when democracy does not goes on the desired way, one military coup d’état will rapidly replace public choice.

Economic evolution.

Between 2010 and 2013 we can deeply feel the crisis worldwide, and we may also see a direct attack to social policies, and predation through global enterprises. The states do not perform their duties anymore. Then we see a regular bunch of crisis all around the world as source of speculations, capital repatriation and global predation. For example Brazil 1993, Mexico 1996, Asiatic crisis in 1997, 2001 Argentinean crisis and IT bubble explosion, the 2007 the subprime crisis… In 1998 George Soros described this process as “market integrism”.

Going to the detail, we can see some kind of addictions created on the market for plenty of products from basic food products to IT products such as mobile phones, for example. The strategy is to create “captured markets”, it means programmed absence of competition and programmed dearth (scarcity) in geographical areas and at different periods of time, for finally achieving good profits.

Programmed bank failures, is another instrument for increasing profits thorough speculation. The fact that proves this trend is the circumstance that no law punishing guilty directives is still in place. Nevertheless the dynamic allows massive speculation, regular use of public funds for refilling accounting holes... on the professional area cool addiction to incalculable personal gains, as well as medium class robotization, consumers and producers are cheated and trapped, delocalization’s and militarisation of the economic thought (through imposing dictators)…. These are the regular rules of the game, with no public account, capital evasion regularly called “loss of confidence on the market”, and finally new modern slaves creation here and there. With new look maybe, but slaves at the end.


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