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IGADI 21 de Maio de 2015 VV.AA.

Iran lays the foundation of its economy because of the sanctions

Unha análise de Daniel Panizo Bartolomé

There is no literature with respect to Iran’s domestic growth and development, its increase in several industries such as iron and steel, cement and concrete, electricity production, oil refining and petrochemical industry, among others.

The inefficient sanctions have put pressure on the local development. Thus, industries have move forward trying to cover what an 80-million-population-country can demand. For instance, Iran is a global agent regarding cement and steel and iron production. Plus, with respect to electricity power, Iran was supplied by individual generators not many years before, whereas now there is a used up energy consumption everywhere. Moreover, the improvements on the petrochemical sector and refining activities are gaining importance as never before. Organizations now place more value on these types of previously-ignored questions, mainly due to the pressure of the sanctions. Here is the crux of the issue.

Now, facing a great competitiveness against western companies sweating to enter the market is not a big deal. Iran local development does not depend on oil as before, and it has a more diversified economy. It seems like their economy struggle to grow but increase in domestic power, now being prepared to face modern economic environment probably better than its neighboring and Middle-East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

As a matter of fact, one can easily find out where those countries development plans have gone – nowhere-. These 5-years-development-plans have always failed, have always been postponed and have always stay dependent on oil revenues.

Besides, Iran is an “unstoppable” economy waiting for its moment to boom, put together with a society that makes compatible the western standards in their lifestyle with the religious power and mandates. This is a key difference that is usually forgotten too.

What sanctions have done is more on the way of feeding a cat to become a lion in the future rather than putting a lion on a cage and making it docile.

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