Books and special publications

Publications promoted by IGADI in association or collaboration with other entities.

  • Xulio Ríos books (1991-2022)

    The founder and Honorary President of IGADI and author and coordinator of more than 50 titles, where we find thematic lines that circulate from Galicia and Galician foreign action to international analysis, especially focused on politics and geopolitics, in various scenarios, from China to America Latin and Europe.
  • Galician Foreign Action History Archive

    As part of our history, linked to the development of the public policies of Galicia's external action, as far as possible, we are a documentation center, now digital, of the history of this public policy of the history of the Autonomy of Galicia, which in 2022 will be 40 years since its Statute.
  • Special publications of the IGADI 1991-2022

    In addition to IGADI's regular publications and collections, you can find here the different books and publications that the association has published in its three decades of life, highlighting global events, ephemeris, monographic research…
  • e-Books

    A window to the dissemination of Galician works related to international issues.