As novas dan conta das actividades máis destacadas do IGADI, como o lanzamentos das nosas publicacións, o inicio dalgún proxecto, a participación nalgunha actividade concreta, etc.

Xuntanza Igadi compostela

We met with the City Council of Santiago: From tourism promotion to external action in the capital of Galicia?

Few cities have the international projection as intense as that of Santiago, a projection that does not decrease with the passage of time and that goes beyond its “tractor” role in the world of Tourism and the Ways to Compostela.
Its status as a university headquarters, the institutions of the country or the strong cultural and business offer, make Compostela a key place for the global projection of Galicia…

Capa TE 46

Tempo Exterior 46 online: Reflections on peace, human rights and protection in contexts of conflict

The third historical time of the Tempo Exterior journal, continues the stage under the direction of the professor of the University of Vigo Celso Cancela, focusing the number 46 into the peace, the human rights and the protection in contexts of conflicts. The special number, coordenated by Mónica López Aspect (University of Vigo) and Joao …

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Cartaz do seminario en liña da AIEG

IGADI participated in the webminar of the International Association of Galician Studies “Galician Studies abroad: Proposals and debate for a diagnosis”

The online seminar held last Friday 14 July, was directed to the community of the IEG and the general public, in order to present the diagnostic data around the state of the Galician Studies in the world, which the IEG initiated with an electronic survey launched in March 2023. In addition to the presentation of the data, the activity wanted to open a debate that helps to continue the diagnosis, still open and in process, and to be concluded, probably, by the time of the do International Congress of the IEG “Horizons of Galician Studies Estudos na de ofonide (17-20 April 2024, University of Minho). More than 30 people participated in the activity from twelve countries.