Texturas Internacionais (International Textures)

The Texturas Internacionais collection is a space for monographic reflection in a book format within IGADI's historical publications. The themes, always around the lines of research and the founding mission of the entity, are conceived as an ambitious project aimed at raising awareness among the Galician public as a whole about the importance of the foreign factor in contemporary societies.

The Galician Institute for International Analysis and Documentation (IGADI) is a non-profit organization born in 1991 with a double purpose: to reflect on the problems and trends of contemporary international society and to push for a greater insertion of Galicia in the world at all levels .

A present, with a past

The IGADI claims to be the continuation of the universalist tradition of Galicianism. Therefore, it vindicates the intellectual legacy of Plácido Castro, who symbolizes the ability to assume a position of generous identification with the country, without this going to the detriment of a commitment to global society.

Public Service

The IGADI is configured as an instance dedicated to serving the whole of Galician society, affirming its full autonomy with the same intensity that it develops a plural and cross-party activity. Institutions and society in general have in it a collaborative instrument of their foreign action strategies.


The formulation and development of research projects is an essential asset of IGADI. With three active programs (paradiplomacy, development cooperation and conflicts, security, conflicts and alternatives in the international system), the promotion of research allows us to raise the scientific quality of the activity, equip ourselves with experienced professionals and establish a theoretical framework that solidly affirms our strategies


The promotion of solidarity and universalist values in our society is complemented by training proposals aimed at facilitating access to a comprehensive knowledge of the world in which we live, focusing, under different formulas, on the promotion of academic and research sufficiency.


The Contemporary International Information and Documentation Center (CIDIC) is a valuable public good that aspires to socialize its specialized resources and available material by facilitating the consultation of potential users: students, research staff and citizens in general.

Opportunity Facilitator

The IGADI aims to be a meeting point where those interested in information and international analysis have the basic means to address their concerns. That is why it offers students and graduates the opportunity to carry out regulated internships.


Tempo exterior is IGADI's half-yearly magazine of analysis and international studies, which also has a collection, Textures, where interesting essays can be found. It also publishes the IGADI ANNUAL REPORT and the Annual Report on Chinese Politics.

Alliances and Networks

The establishment of synergies and the strengthening of convergence with entities that, within Galicia or outside it, share similar objectives, justify the formalization of alliances and integration in different global networks.

Meeting current and rigorous criteria, "Texturas" aims to open an information space for reflection on the main conflicts and international trends of our time. Equally, "Texturas" is part of an ambitious project aimed at raising awareness among Galician citizens about the importance of the external factor in contemporary societies. The TEXTURES monographic notebook addresses current international topics and/or interest for Galicia.

Textures, published numbers:

  • nº 4 - April/2000: The conflicts of the Near East: an approach, by Marta Cabrera.
  • nº 3 - December/1999 : Macau, an example for Taiwan?, by Minkang Zhou.
  • nº 2 - August/1999: The Pinochet case and impunity in Latin America, by Roberto Montoya.
  • nº 1 - April/1999 : The autonomies of Scotland and Wales, history, risks and opportunities, by Fernando Pérez-Barreiro.