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Plan 2024 Industrial Campus of Ferrol-IGADI: Registration open for the Course “China on the horizon of the 21st century: Society, culture and international politics” (September-October)

The presence of IGADI at the Ferrol Industrial Campus (CIF) reinforces the work of the CIF Strategic Plan 2021-2026, collaborating in its internationalization, supporting the work around the 2030 Agenda and adding specific value to the Degree in International Relations, which It is taught at the Faculty of Humanities and Documentation since 2022/2023 academic year.

The CIF-IGADI 2024 Plan

As part of the activities for 2024, as part of the continuity of IGADI in the Student Services Building of the Ferrol Campus, a 6-hour Introduction Course to China was organized. Registration is now open for the Course “China on the horizon of the 21st century: Society, culture and international politics”, which will take place between September and October at the Faculty of Humanities. You can consult the program and details of the Course here and register from this link.

Course: China on the horizon of the 21st century: Society, culture and international politics.

1st Session, Wednesday, September 25, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Introduction to Chinese society, culture and language – Mandarin

Speaker: Modesto Corderi Novoa.

Doctorate in Applied Linguistics-Language Acquisition in Multilingual Environments from the University of the Basque Country UPV EHU. Master in Teaching Chinese and Bachelor in Chinese Philology applied to international trade from the Beijing Language and Culture University BLCU. Chinese teacher at the Official Language School of A Coruña, career civil servant. Scholarship in China from the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation and the Confucius Institute. He was a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing, and at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. (USA.)

Specific objectives of the Session:
• Basic approach to Chinese society, culture and language – Mandarin
• Introduction to the system of Chinese tones and characters.
• Approach to Chinese grammar
• Current and prospective situation on the horizon of the 21st century of Mandarin in the world

2nd Session, Wednesday, October 2, 6pm-8pm
Protocol and cultural differences between China and the West.

Speaker: Jia Bai Hui

Doctoral student in Literature and Culture Studies at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Assistant conversation teacher of the Ministry of Education at the Official Language School of A Coruña. Chinese teacher in the Confucius Classrooms program of the Junta de Andalucía. Master in Translation from Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Double degree in Hispanic Philology from Florida International University FIU and Qingdao University.

• Presentation of the cultural differences between China and the West.
• Introduction to basic Chinese protocol.

3rd session, Wednesday, October 9, from 6 to 8 p.m.
China in the 21st century world: the new silk roads and the community of shared destiny

Speakers: Marola Padín Novas, Daniel González Palau and Andrés Raggio Souto

Marola Padín Novas (潘海韻) is deputy director of IGADI and deputy director of the China Policy Observatory (OPCh). Bachelor’s degree in CC. Policies for the RR.II subsidiary of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Master in Chinese Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and Huayu Scholar at National Taiwan University (Taipei). She was a visiting researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and a visiting professor at Jiangsu Normal University. Collaborator of various think tanks (Atlantic Community) and in different media.

Daniel González Palau has been Director of IGADI since 2017. Graduate in CC. Politics and Administration from USC, with a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation and Cultural Management from the same University. He was an awareness technician (2009-2011) and Secretary of the Galician Cooperation and Solidarity Fund (2011-2015). He is the editor of the IGADI Annual Report since its 13th edition in 2018-2019.

Andrés Raggio Souto (安德烈), Dr (c) of RRII, USAL, General Sec. ALADAA International (Latin American Association of Asian and African Studies), Researcher Aso. in Asian Affairs, General Secretariat of FLACSO (Online intervention)

Specific objectives:
● Approach to the history of Chinese international relations.
● Introduction to the New Silk Roads and the Community of Shared Destiny.
● Comparative vision of EU-China, Latin America-China relations.

Recipients: Community of the University of A Coruña and the Ferrol Industrial Campus (students, teachers and PAS) and institutional, economic and sociocultural agents of Ferrol.

Location: Faculty of Humanities

Registration: Free (preference for UDC students). Fill out the online form from here.

Finally, it is necessary to inform you that the 2024 Plan will continue the “Ferrol in the world” Conference (you can see the first Conference at this link), which in its second edition (scheduled for Friday, October 25) will be titled ” The European Union and the East-West dialogue”. Program will be made public soon.

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Workshop with the Institute of Political Science-Academy of Social Sciences of China

The Meeting had a first part where the Board of Directors of the IGADI and the Chinese Institute learned about their lines of research and ongoing projects, as well as evaluated possible lines of work to be developed in collaboration, in the search for greater mutual knowledge between Europe and China.

Later, different specialists from the University of Santiago and the University of A Coruña joined the meeting, with whom a dialogue and discussion was established around EU-China relations and the different challenges of global governance.

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“As fugas de recursos, mito ou realidade colonialista en Galicia?”

Xa dispoñible na IGADI TV, Charlas O Mundo Desde Aquí: Presentación do libro de Diego Sande “As fugas de recursos, mito ou realidade colonialista en Galicia?”

O martes 18 de xuño presentamos o último libro do profesor da USC, Diego Sande Veiga, “As fugas de recursos, mito ou realidade colonialista en Galicia?”. Este ensaio foi publicado neste 2024 pola Universidade de Vigo e está distribuído polo Consorcio Editorial Galego. Tes a presentación na Canle de Youtube do IGADI, premendo nesta ligazón.

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IGADI Conferencias Chiberica 16x9 horzontalpt

Register for free at the first Chibérica Online Conferences, July 9, 10 and 11

The Conferences are inspired by the publication of the book coordinated by Xulio Ríos and Jorge Tavares “Chibérica: Visiones ibéricas de la China contemporánea” (Editorial Popular, 2023) which promoted a shared view on the relations between Spain, Portugal and China.

In 2024 and under the general objective of a better understanding of contemporary China, from a European and specifically Iberian perspective, the Conference will bring together six Spanish and Portuguese specialists, through thematic blocks on Economy, Politics and Society.

The Conferences will take place in three 1-hour sessions, on Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July, between 20.00 and 21.00 (Spanish time). In all Sessions there will be initial interventions by the invited specialists (10-15 minutes long) and there will be half an hour at the end for questions from the public and debate between the participants.

To participate in the Conferences, prior registration is required in the following form. People who participate in all three sessions will be entitled to a certificate of attendance.

1st Session, Economy (8:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 9)

Welcome words to the Conference: Representative of Casa Asia
Presented and moderated by: Daniel González Palau, director of IGADI, and Raquel Isamara León de la Rosa, director of Observatorio de la Política China

– Enrique Fanjul, Commercial Technician and State Economist. Founding partner of Iberglobal. Member of the Advisory Council of the Royal Elcano Institute.
– Fernanda Ilheu, President of the Friends of the New Silk Road Association and researcher at the CSG-ISEG da Universidade de Lisboa.
Final questions and discussion.

2nd Session, Politics (8:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 10)

Presented and moderated by: Daniel González Palau, director of IGADI, and Raquel Isamara León de la Rosa, director of Observatorio de la Política China
– Inés Arco Escriche, CIDOB Researcher, Line of geopolitics, specialized in East Asia and Chinese politics.
– Luis Tomé, Professor and Director of the Department of International Relations at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL)
Final questions and discussion.

3rd Session, Society (8 p.m., Thursday, July 11)

Presented and moderated by: Daniel González Palau, director of IGADI, and Raquel Isamara León de la Rosa, director of Observatorio de la Política China

– Anna Ferrer Gil, Historian specializing in contemporary Chinese history
– Irene Rodrigues, PhD in Anthropology, Professor and Researcher at the Institute of the East and the Center for Administration and Public Policies of the ISCSP-ULisboa
Final questions and discussion.

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Dia das Letras 2024

Analysis and current affairs

A información sobre a realidade nacional e internacional na túa caixa de correo

A newsletter do IGADI infórmate de todas as novos contidos na nosa web


"A frustración suíza" por Ríos, Xulio
Ríos, Xulio

A frustración suíza

Liñas de investigación International Relations
Apartados xeográficos Europe
O “Cumio pola Paz” que acolleu Suiza o mes pasado deixou un regueiro de leccións importantes. Había unha intención de facer taboa rasa e impoñer unha solución de parte co aval dunha maioría de países. Pero non funcionou. A seguir, a UE anunciou o 14º paquete de sancións contra Rusia. Previsiblemente, tampouco funcionará. Mentres a economía europea segue estancada, a rusa mostra unha vitalidade inagardada. A dinámica de substitución das importacións que promoven esas sancións e as demandas do complexo militar-industrial favorecen o emprego e o consumo. Moscova está lonxe aínda de mostrar unha febleza que a conduza á mesa de negociacións coa cabeza gacha.
"As tensións comerciais entre a UE e China en clave galega" por Sande Veiga, Diego
Sande Veiga, Diego

As tensións comerciais entre a UE e China en clave galega

Liñas de investigación Economy
Apartados xeográficos China and the Chinese world
Tras un turbulento inicio do mes xuño, o 22 de xuño a UE e China decidiron darse unha tregua para evitar a escalada dos aranceis aos vehículos eléctricos. O comisario de comercio da UE, Valdis Dombrovskis, e o ministro de Comercio chinés, Wang Wentao, anunciaron nesa data que a proposta de suba dos aranceis aos vehículos chineses en Europa ía ser revisada. Para isto, anunciouse que a data límite sería o mes de xullo, no que comezarían a aplicarse as subas previstas en caso de non haber acordo.
"A estraña forma de levar a cabo unha misión de paz a favor do agresor" por Romanov, Oleksiy
Romanov, Oleksiy

A estraña forma de levar a cabo unha misión de paz a favor do agresor

Liñas de investigación International Relations
Apartados xeográficos Europe
Ao día seguinte de que Hungría asumise a presidencia de seis meses do Consello da UE, o primeiro ministro húngaro Viktor Orbán comezou unha incrible actividade internacional, a pesar de que a presidencia da UE non outorga ningún dereito a representar á Unión nas relacións internacionais. Con todo, o político húngaro recorreu á súa propia "misión de paz" porque, segundo as súas palabras, "Europa necesita paz", en particular, porque "a guerra comezou a afectar o crecemento económico e a nosa competitividade".
"Qué é a paradiplomacia e a acción exterior das CCAA en España?" por Caramés Leiro, Marta
Caramés Leiro, Marta

Qué é a paradiplomacia e a acción exterior das CCAA en España?

Liñas de investigación Paradiplomacy
Apartados xeográficos Europe Foreign action of Galicia
Nos últimos anos, o termo “paradiplomacia” acadou un considerable nivel de popularidade e uso nas Relacións Internacionais, caracterizado pola ambigüidade terminolóxica que o subxace e pola degradación do sistema estatal-céntrico, vinculado por suposto á iniciativa de organizacións como a Unión Europea, que xeraron un considerable impulso no papel das entidades rexionais mediante a reformulación do Tratado de Maastricht ou a creación do Comité das Rexións.
"China e Centroamérica amplían a súa relación estratéxica" por Balsa, David
Balsa, David

China e Centroamérica amplían a súa relación estratéxica

A visita oficial da Presidenta do Parlamento Centroamericano, a deputada da Republica Dominicana Silvia Garcia Polanco, á Republica Popular China os próximos dias 21 ao 28 de xullo de 2024 abre unha nova etapa nas relacións entre Centroamérica e China.
Concello de Pontevedra

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