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With 25 years of existence, IGADI’s biannual journal, Tempo Exterior, is a reference point for international studies in Galicia. The journal is characterised by a plural history and approach, thematically connected to IGADI’s main lines of research, counting in its history with the collaboration of hundreds of renowned specialists, both at the Galician and international levels.

Tempo Exterior is the only international scientific and thematic journal published in one of the co-official languages of the State, the Galician language. Its dissemination spreads throughout Spain, as well as Portugal and some Latin American countries, to a large extent due to the presence of the Galician diaspora and thanks to the composition of the journal’s Scientific Council. At the same time, Tempo Exterior maintains exchange agreements with numerous universities and study centres all over the world. 

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After more than two decades of Xulio Ríos, founder and Honorary President of IGADI, as director of Tempo Exterior, a new stage has begun in 2020. Daniel González Palau (Director of the IGADI), promoted the renewal of the Editorial Board, with the participation of 7 researchers from 7 research groups of the Galician university, and the appointment of a new director, Celso Cancela, professor at the University of Vigo. Also during 2019 and 2020, the Scientific Council of the journal was updated, with 25 researchers from Europe, the Americas and China.

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Tempo Exterior Archive (1997-2000-2022)

The journal, which began in 1997 as a bulletin of news and reflections on IGADI and the current world, evolved towards an academic format for the first time in its second stage, headed by Xulio Ríos, between 2000 and 2020. In that year, Celso Cancela took over the direction, starting the third stage of the journal.

For the year 2022 and issues 45 and 46, the journal team launched a “Call for papers” open until 30 November 2022. For any questions, please contact tempoexterior@igadi.gal

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