Objectives and Instruments

Our Objectives

  1. To be a centre of independent global reference studies, for the analysis of international relations, with an accepted vocation to extend bridges between different continents and political and socio-cultural trends.
  2. To provide our community and followers with access to the monitoring, analysis and knowledge of the international reality through publications, materials, courses and other socio-cultural activities.
  3. To become a centre of reference on Galician studies in international relations connected to global society, based on the originality of our lines of research and our functional objectives, around a peaceful world in line with the founding principles of the United Nations and inclusive human development.
  4. To participate as an agent of Galician public diplomacy in concrete and systematic projects to develop a plural process for the internationalisation of Galicia, following the 2030 Agenda. To continue to be an influential entity in the definition, dynamisation and knowledge of Galicia’s public policies for external action.

Our Instruments

  1. Our consolidated research lines and networks in thematic areas such as: 
    • Geopolitics and security
    • Paradiplomacy and external action of Galicia
    • International cooperation and related topics in international relations, as well as in geographic areas, such as Chinese, Latin American and Lusophone studies.
  2. The igadi.gal website and regular publications, including Tempo Exterior and the annual reports, like the IGADI Annual Report and Nós No Mundo, as well as special publications, such as the World Factual State Report 2011 or O Mundo Desde Aquí: The Covid-19 Pandemic.
  3. To carry out strategic research and projects following our founding mission, historical trajectory and main lines of research. All of these will connect Galicia with the global world, from the academic, journalistic and civil society worlds in their different spheres.
  4. The promotion of Galicia’s external action, from the “know-how” of a mediating and knowledgeable space with thirty years of experience in building alliances linked to Galicia’s interests in international society. Participation in the Galician External Action Council (CAEX) and other institutions offers us the possibility of systematic observation of our public policies or implies the need for systematic observation of our public policies.