O Comité Europeo das Rexións (CDR) é a voz das rexións e cidades da Unión Europea (UE). Representa ás autoridades locais e rexionais de toda a Unión Europea e asesora sobre novas leis que inciden nas rexións e cidades (70 % da lexislación comunitaria).

The “Erasmus for territorial representatives” is now open

European processes can seem incomprehensible to local councilors and deputies. The daily management of the territory, citizen responsibility, ongoing projects... leave no time or opportunity to deepenthe issues at the EU level. However, there is an obligation to apply EU rules, and the different regional funds are key instruments for local public policy.
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To help breaking this dichotomy, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) created the program “Young Elected Politicians” – YEP by its acronym. This initiative aims to create “opportunities to network, exchange best practices, gather information on EU legislation and EU funding opportunities, be involved in the work of the European Committee of the Regions, and meet and debate with CoR members and other local, regional and European politicians.”

The program works in three main areas: democratic reform, climate change and the future of cohesion policy. For a year, the YEPs are invited to participate in training sessions, information events, debates… After this first year, they become “alumni” to inspire the next generation of YEPs and, above all, to continue the dialogue with the European Union on the territorial question.

The advantages allow the representative (and his/her local entity) to be integrated into the “bubble” of Brussels. For example: establishing local policy networks at the European level, exchanging best practices, understanding the opportunities offered by the EU, contributing to EU policy making and raising the profile in European circles.

To apply for entry, local government political representatives must be under 40 (born after 1/1/1983), speak English and complete this form by 10/04/23.