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Do you know the global city map of A Coruña? Paradiplomacy: International Relations, Development and local conectivity in the 21st century

Last Friday, January 13 at 11:30 a.m. at the A Coruña City Hall, the Map of the Global City of A Coruña was presented in gallician, english, chinese, spanish and portuguese. The Government Spokesman, José Manuel Lage, the Director of IGADI, Daniel González Palau, the journalist and designer Xan Sabarís and the professor and historian from A Coruña, Felíx Longán Fafián, participated in the press conference.

The map has two versions, treating the city of A Coruña as an intermediate global city, from the map of the historical connectivity of its international relations, as of the current global city. You can check on the website acoruna.hub.gal all the activities of the 2022 agreement and navigate the process started in 2018.