nos no mundo 22 23

We publish “We in the World 22-23” on the eve of the approval of the Galician Strategy for Foreign Action 23-27 in Galician Parliament

In the annual report of the External Action of Galiciawe put the attention in the events of the last twelve months, delimited by the preparation of the Galician Strategy of External Action 2023-2027 (EGAEX 23-27) and the distinct implications of the same.

The yearbook addresses the relationship of EGAEX 23-27 with the European Union, economy, Lusophony, diaspora or development cooperation. The title of this edition is “Building the future, activating the Foreign Action Law” (Gallician Foreign Action and Development Cooperation Law 10/2021, of March 9).

You can download the report We in the World 2022-2023 from this link and see all the yearbooks in this space.