Capa TE 46

Tempo Exterior 46 online: Reflections on peace, human rights and protection in contexts of conflict

The third historical time of the Tempo Exterior journal, continues the stage under the direction of the professor of the University of Vigo Celso Cancela, focusing the number 46 into the peace, the human rights and the protection in contexts of conflicts.

The special number, coordenated by Mónica López Aspect (University of Vigo) and Joao Casqueira (University Fernando Pessoa) offers theoretical analyses and studies of case that contribute to the knowledge and the critical reflection envelope these subjects.

In addition to eight articles from Portugal and Galicia focused in the thematic, Tempo Exterior 46 account with a section of miscellanea, notes of researcher and a recensión of books.

Tempo Exterior, the semiannual magazine of international studies of the IGADI, already is available for its download, that is free. The number 46 counted with the support of the City council of Pontevedra and the collaboration of the SX of Political Linguística of the Xunta de Galicia