Xuntanza Igadi compostela

We met with the City Council of Santiago: From tourism promotion to external action in the capital of Galicia?

Few cities have the international projection as intense as that of Santiago, a projection that does not decrease with the passage of time and that goes beyond its “tractor” role in the world of Tourism and the Ways to Compostela. Its status as a university headquarters, the institutions of the country or the strong cultural and business offer, make Compostela a key place for the global projection of Galicia...

This background was present at the meeting with the city Mayor, Goretti Sanmartín and the Deputy Mayor, María Rozas, had with the Director of the IGADI, Daniel González Palau Director and his Secretary and coordinator of the Line of Research in Economy, Diego Sande.

Through a sincere and productive dialogue they analysed the background – in particular the document of External Action Basis carried out for the City Council in 2019 – the current situation and the potential for the future.

The IGADI has conveyed to the new municipal government the potential to value the tourist projection of the city to reinvent itself, relying on external action to strengthen its model of economic and socio-cultural development for the present and the future.

In this sense, the representatives of the IGADI have focused on the need to review the BAEX of the city in the current context, framed by the definition of the Galician Strategy of External Action 2023-2027 and the launch of the Observatory of the Lusophony Paz Andrade, as a tool of the Law of Galician External Action.